There are an estimated 18.5 million professional athlete items annually that are not in circulation for fans to easily acquire.  With amateur players the market for athlete personal items grows to 40 million, every year.

Where memorabilia gets Real

Whether it is a watch, washcloth, shirt or shoes, the personal items of athletes become instant and uniquely available collectables for the first fans that buy them...right from their smartphone.


Game shirts, practice shorts and even smelly socks attract the most ardent fans, as easy as opening your iPhone.

Mobile first

Designing this mobile-first platform directly with the players, PlayerPawn reinvents the memorabilia market by flowing millions of pawned items from real life, from real players, to the mobile Millennial fans hungry for it.


PlayerPawn powers the instant sale of prized player items from the field, the training room and the home.  Fan direct, the original goes mobile.

PlayerPawn creates a whole new memorabilia model by letting players and fans transact directly, socially and with the swipe of a thumb in mobile commerce.   These items are not merchandise but originals right from the hand of the players, from the field, locker or their homes.