Items and Memorabilia from Players You Love.

Play.  Pawn. Win.

PlayerPawn is a mobile-first network to tell and sell the essence of sports items and experiences, the "other" memorabilia that carries the real story of life in sports. 






PlayerPawn is poised to become the most agile and authentic fan experience in the fragmented market of sports memorabilia, traditionally plagued by high costs, questionable authenticity and outdated distribution.  

PlayerPawn is for players, their teams, and the fans who love them.  It's the real deal, the real story, with collectibles technology that will change our definition of "memorabilia"...forever.

What the Players & Teams Pawn

  • Things they wear

  • Things they swing, kick or catch

  • Things they practice in, and on

  • Things they dress up in

  • Things that are meaningful

  • Things they ride, things they drive

  • Things that make them laugh

  • Things that do not come from a warehouse

  • Shoes

  • Shirts

  • Hats

  • Fashion

  • Junk : )

  • Watches, Accessories

  • Bikes, bats and balls

  • Everything they touch, wear or choose to sign

  • They even pawn fan experiences with them

  • PlayerPawn puts the fan and the players on the same field for the first time ever

"PlayerPawn unlocks player used items or new fan experiences for every athlete in every sport, across the world."  

- Norby Williamson, ESPN


PlayerPawn connect fans with directly with players' personal and unusual items of note.  In less than 60 seconds players activate their own mobile pawn store where fans follow and buy...and then the magic happens when that one-of-a-kind item shows up via PlayerPawn's exclusive partners UPS and FedEx.


  • Players post a special object in their lives or a simple personal item that could be special in the life of a fan

  • Players sell and get feedback and develop their own, original memorabilia items or experiences, as a natural flow of their personal and professional lives.

  • Players win and get to unclock a direct $22B market of life and sports memorabilia

  • Fans follow their players waiting for a spot-post of something that just became available

  • Fans buy authentic player items and unique memorabilia without the middle man of merchandisers and retailers

  • Fans win and get to access on their smartphones a $22B market of sports collectables, personal items and rare experiences of note


“The next generation memorabilia is not merchandise, but the player story and personal connection that comes with things athletes touch every day.”

— Norby Williamson, ESPN Disney


Pawn this.  

Join the only player-first mobile network that shares the story of the everyday items and experience of the athlete's life, viewable and buyable right from your iPhone (and soon Android).

For Fans

$0 — Cost to browse a growing library of "PawnCasts" from athletes across the world, telling their story through items of note.

$3,000 — From $1 to $3,000 fans can buy the real deal of player used items and experiences.

For Players

85% — It's your stuff, your experiences.  You earned it.
85% — When you pawn items and experiences for charity.

We handle it all for you, from payments to shipping.  


There are an estimated 18.5 million professional athlete items annually that are not in circulation for fans to easily acquire.  With amateur players the market for athlete personal items grows to 40 million, every year.

Where memorabilia gets Real

Whether it is a watch, washcloth, shirt or shoes, the personal items of athletes become instant and uniquely available collectables for the first fans that buy them...right from their smartphone.


Game shirts, practice shorts and even smelly socks attract the most ardent fans, as easy as opening your iPhone.

Mobile first

Designing this mobile-first platform directly with the players, PlayerPawn reinvents the memorabilia market by flowing millions of pawned items from real life, from real players, to the mobile Millennial fans hungry for it.


PlayerPawn powers the instant sale of prized player items from the field, the training room and the home.  Fan direct, the original goes mobile.

PlayerPawn creates a whole new memorabilia model by letting players and fans transact directly, socially and with the swipe of a thumb in mobile commerce.   These items are not merchandise but originals right from the hand of the players, from the field, locker or their homes. 


has a

new reality.


All of our athletes on PlayerPawn are verified as the real deal.  They compete in 30 global sports ranging from soccer, to volleyball, to cricket.  With a total fan base over 6 billion and more than 280,000 potential athletes, PlayerPawn is the mobile-first network of tomorrow's memorabilia, today.

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Norby Williamson

ESPN, Disney
Media Advisor

35 Years in Sports, Media and Entertainment.  Top 50 influencers in Sports media.  ESPN, Disney and the Jimmy V Foundation


Harvey Schiller, BG Ret.

US Olympics, Turner Sports
Partnerships, Investor

Former President of Turner Sports, chief executive of YankeeNets, CEO US Olympic Committee, and president of the International Baseball Federation.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 4.08.03 PM.png

Bob Eissiminger

Knightpoint Systems
Charities Advisor, Investor

CEO and Founder of Knightpoint Systems, US Military Academy Graduate and former Army Officer.  Board Member of Wounded Warrior and Johnny Mac Foundation.


Drew Bartkiewicz

Releventis, lettrs
Chairman, Co-Founder

Builder of social and commerce networks over 25 years with with IPOs at salesforce.com, BroadVision. Goldman Sachs Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2016. Forbes Top 25 Veteran Start Ups 2016.  West Point and Yale SOM graduate.  

Why PlayerPawn

Because memorabilia should not come from a warehouse but from the human hand, touched by sweat or dirt, grit or memory


When a real player pawns an item or experience they lived, then the fan gets to live that, too.

Why players win

We believe players know what's best to offer to their fans, not someone looking to sell stock pens and plaques.  

"Fan memorabilia of tomorrow be the free trade and transfer of everyday sports items today."   -  Harvey Schiller

Mobile, Social, Easy, Exciting for Fans.

Mobile, Social, Easy, Exciting for Fans.

Global Market

PlayerPawn unlocks a truly global market of player items and experiences that fans could have never imagined.  Items that would have never been available to fans now range from personal items and experiences. 

A player picks their pawn for their fans' delight.

A player picks their pawn for their fans' delight.

On Demand

Whether a player wants to deliver a personal item from their life or an official item it is up to them.  Players post and sell when they want, how they want, right on their mobile device.


Ever Want to Buy the Real Deal from a Player?

Now you can!  There is no joining fee to start browsing on PlayerPawn!  

There are no hidden fees to what you buy, either.  You own an original!  And with shipping easily integrated you know what you are getting and when you will get it.


What memorabilia used to be.

Hear the story direct and acquire second-hand items or first time experiences directly.

We have no warehouse at PlayerPawn.  

Whether it is a warm up jersey, a cricket helmet, or autographed ball, you are buying direct from the player, anywhere in the world, right from an iPhone or Android device.

Autographed item?  It is up to the player - and you will know that up front, too.


You are part of their journey.

First come, first serve

Most personal player items from players will sell as a single item and sell quickly.  Don't wait too long once you favorite an item as it may be gone!  Often times a one of a kind experience or items sells in a matter of minutes

You can own what may become a piece of sporting history, straight from the home or venue of the player.


Turning the sports world upside down, to the benefit of players and fans alike.

Stay informed with instant notifications

We have no factory making memorabilia in glass cases or framed with plaques.  Our warehouse is in the hands of professional athletes, every day, on the road or at home.

PlayerPawn items and experiences come direct from the heart, hands and mind of the players who post on the go.  

Follow your player and join the suspense of what they will pawn next!

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The next generation of social pawn, by the players, for the fans.

Whether you are a marquis player or emerging star, thrill your fans with the personal memorabilia that's actually from you.


Download the PlayerPawn App

Sell your experiences, items or memorabilia for raising charitable dollars to causes.  You can set up charitable items right in the PlayerPawn app.

Tell Your Story

Pawn a new class of Memorabilia

Invite friends and fans to this new network the real deal. There's no better way to make a fan impact than to become a pawn player yourself!

Download the app, start selling today.